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Employees Get Revenge on Bad Bosses By Ridiculing Them
January 12, 2006

Toronto, Ont., -- Almost half of employees have gotten revenge on bad bosses by ridiculing them with colleagues, according to a recent survey.

"There is a lot of dissention created by bad feelings between a manager and his or her direct reports," said Rich Wellins, Senior Vice President, Development Dimensions International, who sponsored the study. "One bad relationship can sour the dynamics of the entire team."

Specifically, when asked what they had done to get revenge on a bad boss, of the 633 people who completed the survey: 48 percent ridiculed them with their peers; 34 percent went over their heads with an idea or a complaint; 14 percent quit a project or their position at a critical time; and 2 percent submitted sub-par work in their names.

"Bosses don't have to take this sitting down--but they shouldn't aggravate the situation with more negativity. Instead they need to focus on building trust through open communication, demonstrating their confidence in the team and treating people with respect," Wellins adds.

More data and a follow-up survey question are available at http://www.badbossology.com/.