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HipHopSodaShops will be expanding into Las Vegas
May 2, 2005

New York—H3Enterprises, Inc. signed an Area Development Agreement for its HipHopSodaShop franchise with RLW, Inc. of Las Vegas, a group headed by Hall of Fame athlete and entrepreneur Jackie Robinson.  The deal will see RLW opening 30 HipHopSodaShops in the Las Vegas metro area over the next three years.  H3 expects similar deals in the coming months with some of the biggest names from the NBA, NFL, and the world of Hip Hop.  Robinson, who was the owner/operator of 53 Pizza Hut franchises, has agreed to help spearhead H3’s entire West Coast operation.

“HipHopSodaShops are community conscious fast food establishments,” says Brian “H3” Peters, company President and co-founder. In addition to food, the shops offer “the best in Hip Hop music, memorabilia and merchandise,” Peters adds.

Over and above his athletic career, Jackie Robinson was listed in Black Enterprise Magazine’s “Top 100 Business People,” was the owner of his own record label as well as a number of eating establishments, and served as a senior executive for the Aladdin Hotel Casino for eight years.

“I see the HipHopSodaShops as one of the greatest fast food franchise opportunities of our time,” says Robinson. “I love the entire concept and especially the fact that ‘H3’ and [co-founder] ‘J Niice’ are committed to using the enormous wealth being generated by Hip Hop to create better jobs and educational opportunities for the entire black community.”