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Digital Lightwave testing 10Gbps jitter and wander
April 4, 2005
Clearwater, Fla. -- Digital Lightwave, Inc., a provider of optical networking test equipment and technology, has announced the addition of 10Gbps jitter and wander analysis to the Network Information Computer (NIC) product offering.

"Customer demand for higher-speed testing continues to grow," says Doyle Mills, Director of Product Marketing, Digital Lightwave. "Jitter and wander testing are indispensable in today's global networks. With these new developments, our testing line of products will continue to serve our customers' most advanced needs."

Digital Lightwave jitter testing utilizes patented digital technology originally pioneered in their OTS (Optical Test System). Equipped with the jitter and wander features, the NIC products will verify global communications standards from 51Mbps to 10Gbps, in compliance with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) O.172 standard. Digital jitter technology offers unmatched measurement consistency and repeatability. The NIC, optioned with jitter and wander, will perform intrinsic jitter measurement, jitter tolerance, and jitter transfer tests as well as industry-standard wander analysis.

Jitter and wander testing is vital to detect flaws and inconsistencies in timing systems that would hamper the ability to transfer data at high rates. Jitter testing is used in the design of equipment, manufacturing test, field implementation and maintenance, covering the full customer base of NIC products.