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Corporate Finance (CF50)
April 20, 2018  
Corporate Finance (CF50)
Corporate Finance
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Corporate Finance
Finance - Executive Reports:

September 3, 2007

And while it is possible to survive without the latest business applications, relying on antiquated finance systems unable to handle multiple languages, currencies, companies or different reporting regimes effectively could seriously threaten your corporate health.

Whether it’s international trading, buying or selling new divisions, diversification or just growing the business, companies could easily find themselves losing out to competitors that are simply more technologically advanc  ...full story

September 3, 2007

Dynamic Scheduling

The efficient way to manage employee schedules in today’s retail landscape.

Overwhelmed by spreadsheets, punch cards and manual processes? Tools are available to enhance productivity and payroll savings. By Michel Fortin

By nature, the retail industry probably faces the toughest scheduling challenges. The increasing number of part time and hourly workers adds to the complexity of successfully staffing multiple shifts on any given workday. Add to th  ...full story

July 1, 2007

GeoEye (Nasdaq: GEOY), the largest commercial satellite remote sensing company in the world, needed to develop an infrastructure to help managers use company resources (people, money, time, equipment) more efficiently. At the same time, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance deadlines were looming in the near future, and GeoEye needed the means to document the company processes and produce the records necessary to meet the government directive. To accomplish both goals, GeoEye turned to MEGA International  ...full story

June 1, 2007

Climate change is more than hot air when it comes to the potential for imminent bottom line impacts in at least three sectors with significant greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

Within three years, it will no longer be free in the US to emit carbon into the atmosphere according to market sages JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, and a broad cross-section of Republican and Democratic powerbrokers including presidential hopeful John McCain.

 ...full story

April 1, 2007

Geoffrey Edwards, Associate General Counsel and Assistant Secretary, Walmart, talks us through the process he put together to prepare for the SEC's overhaul of executive compensation requirements and Chuck Loring, SVP, Director, Executive Compensation, Wachovia Corporation, discusses the new proxy reporting requirements from the perspective of a major financial services firm.

 ...full story

April 1, 2007

At a Honeycomb executive web conference, Gloria Bowden, Senior Tax Counsel for the Coca Cola Company discussed the basic legal principals of the 2006 Pension Protection Act and described the practical considerations for implementing the legislation as it relate to 401(k) plans.  ...full story

March 1, 2007

Ned Worthington, Director of Shared Services and Partner Management, AOL, says managing a contractual relationship with your business partner, like a marriage, relies on good communication. Success, he says, rests on the four key principles of trust, transparency, shared goals and shared commitment.

 ...full story

February 25, 2007

Fred Becker, Corporate Finance Manager, BT Group, explains some of the reasoning behind a recent surge in record breaking private-equity deals and the effect this is having on the mergers and acquisitions market.  ...full story

February 25, 2007

We are now entering the fourth year of compliance with the Sarbanes Oxley Act. In view of this, Honeycomb Connect takes a look back at some of the lesson learned concerning financial auditing, information technology and, of course, Section 404.  ...full story

January 16, 2007

Now more than ever the Finance department is under pressure to deliver accurate and timely financial reporting driven by an increasingly complex business environment and legislation designed to boost corporate transparency. A well integrated financial management system can provide improved data analysis, manipulation and display capabilities, which empowers Finance to accurately counsel the CEO, support critical business decision-making, and meet compliance obligations.  ...full story

January 1, 2007

A recent study of US and European multinationals calls for improvement in data security practices on both sides of the Atlantic. The study—Benchmark Study of European & U.S. Corporate Privacy Practices—comes at a time when regulatory and compliance legislation is on the rise following a spate of corporate data security breaches. Honeycomb Connect spoke with one author of the st  ...full story
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