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Corporate Information Technology (CIT50)
May 21, 2018  
Corporate Information Technology (CIT50)
Corporate Information Technology
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Corporate Information Technology
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Cloakware is a security solutions provider that makes security inseparable from the software it protects. From applications and databases deep inside corporations, to consumer devices like music players, to military weapon systems—more and more software applications need to protect themselves from unauthorized user access, reverse engineering, and tampering. Only Cloakware’s patented, layered, and compliance-driven approach to software self-protection delivers the trusted environment that the govern­ment, enterprise, and consumer markets require. As a result, Cloakware’s software security solutions are on more than 500 million devices, protecting the assets of some of the world’s largest, most recog­nizable, and technologically advanced companies. The company is headquar­tered in Vienna, Virginia, with offices in Ottawa, Canada and the UK, and regional sales offices throughout the US.


IBM Global Services is the world's largest information technology services and consulting provider. Some 180,000 professionals in more than 160 countries help clients integrate information technology with business value -- from business transformation and industry expertise to hosting, infrastructure, technology design and training services. Leveraging IBM's unequalled scope and scale, IBM Security and Privacy Services offers a broad range of solutions from consulting and implementation to managed services. Our expertise and experience in various industries can help you safeguard your information assets, pursue new business initiatives and identify potential problems before they occur. Our solutions are among the most comprehensive in the security services marketplace, and we have proven these services can be delivered quickly and consistently on a global basis to meet industry-specific client requirements.


NetIQ Solutions from Attachmate provides the industry's most comprehensive and integrated security and configuration management offerings. NetIQ's configuration and vulnerability management products give you robust configuration reporting to help you manage your systems, update your configuration management database (CMDB), and address security configuration and vulnerability issues. Our solutions allow you to reduce vulnerabilities, manage risk, remediate exposures and protect the enterprise—all more quickly and easily. Using security knowledge updated in real–time, NetIQ measures and enforces compliance to configuration baselines in accordance with corporate policies.


Trend Micro

Trend Micro Incorporated is a pioneer in secure content and threat management. Founded in 1988, Trend Micro provides individuals and organizations of all sizes with award-winning security software, hardware and services. With headquarters in Tokyo and operations in more than 30 countries, Trend Micro solutions are sold through corporate and value-added resellers and service providers worldwide.

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