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Government Agency Tech. Exchange (G.A.T.E.)
May 20, 2018  
Government Agency Tech. Exchange (G.A.T.E.)
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Privacy Policy

Honeycomb Worldwide Inc., and its subsidiary Honeycomb Connect, takes your privacy and your personal information seriously. You have trusted Honeycomb Worldwide Inc. with important information about you and your business and we promise to keep that information protected from outside sources. Your contact information will only be shared with select members of Honeycomb Worldwide Inc.

The purpose for the collection of any personal or company information is to provide our members with the peer-to-peer networking service that is at the core of our business. Honeycomb Worldwide will not sell, distribute, barter or transfer any personally identifiable information obtained about our members to any non-members without the opportunity to opt-out.

The company only gathers information that is necessary for the identification and Cell-matching process and to help deliver quality content and speakers to suit our members’ needs.

Members should ensure that their personal Information is accurate. At any time, all members can either update their personal profiles or contact Honeycomb Worldwide Member Services at 416-977-6555.

Personal information is protected against loss or theft. All hard copies are stored it in a locked cabinet, and electronic data is stored on a secure server with password protection and encryption – and only a employees working in member services have access to it. Access to members’ personal information is limited to authorized Honeycomb Worldwide Inc. employees as well as to members in the same group, or Cell, of the Executive Membership Program. Our security policies are periodically reviewed and enhanced as necessary.

Consent is obtained any time Honeycomb Worldwide Inc. collects personal information from a customer. Consent can be obtained in person, by phone, by mail, by fax or via the Internet.

If required by law, Honeycomb Worldwide Inc. will provide information to law enforcement or judicial authorities in special situations.

If you have a question, comment or a complaint, please contact  416-977-6555.

The Privacy legislation defines personal information as: age, name, weight, height, medical records, ID numbers, income, ethnic origin, blood type, opinions, evaluations, comments, social status, employee files, disciplinary action, credit records, loan records, existence of a dispute between a consumer and a merchant and intentions (for example, to acquire goods or services, or change jobs.)

Our site uses cookies. A cookie is message sent to your web browser by a web server in a text file. Every time you visit the website that sent the cookie again, the message is then sent back to the server. Cookies are meant to identify users and customize Web pages for them. You may be asked to fill out a form providing such information as your name and interests When you enter a Web site using cookies. This information is stored in a cookie and sent to your Web browser which stores it for later use. When you next visit the same Web site, your computer will send the cookie. The server will use the information to present you with custom Web pages. So, you might see a welcome page with your name on it instead of a generic page. No one else can read this file. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can change the settings on your browser to alert when a cookie is sent to your computer, and you can decide whether to accept it.

Our site might also record clickstream data. Clickstream is a virtual breadcrumb trail that a user leaves behind while surfing. We may record paths you have taken (eg. sections or stories clicked and the order in which it is done) and use this to provide more customized content. The data is not retained after your visit and does not identify you specifically.

Advertisers might receive reports of the above clickstream data and/or summary reports of pages viewed on our website. This information will be aggregated and no individual clicks or choices will be recorded.

We may update our privacy statement at any time. Please make sure to check back periodically.

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