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Worldwide Investment Network (W.I.N.)
May 10, 2006  
Worldwide Investment Network (W.I.N.)
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March 9, 2006

Charlie McCreevy, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, delivers his philosophy on the European common market at the London School of Economics.  ...full story

March 2, 2006

Directors hope Miljenko Horvat, Mark Reed, George Dorin and Tom Gill will help to drive growth and value for Moventis.
 ...full story

January 10, 2006

Bear Measurisk, a majority owned subsidiary of Bear Stearns Asset Management Inc. (BSAM), announced that it has been selected to provide risk analytics for Commonfund's Alternative Investment Group.  Commonfund is a distinguished leading investment advisor to non-profit organizations.  ...full story

January 5, 2006

At the end of 2005, IBM's U.S. pension plan was funded in excess of the projected benefit obligation so no funding contribution was made to the plan in the fourth quarter of that year. The switch over to a more predictable 401(k) savings plan will freeze the accrual of future benefits in the companies $48 billion defined benefit pension plan, effective in January 2008.  ...full story

January 4, 2006

The largest forum of its kind will showcase current professional strategies.  ...full story
Executive Reports:

Hedge fund investors show no signs of slowing down their investments in derivatives, despite recent articles in the financial press, as well as naysayers at the Fed, sounding the alarm over the increased exposure of hedge funds, asset and pension fund managers to the volatile world of derivatives products. Full story...

"Since joining Honeycomb Connect, I have the great fortune to network with executives of all segments of the drug pipeline with different backgrounds and to share the best practices in the industry. Honeycomb has become for me an invaluable and reliable source of information and a must to understand the most recent trends in Pharma." -- Genevieve Hansen, Director of Protein Therapeutics, Diversa Corporation

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April 19, 2006


U.S. brokers are known for buying equity in Middle Kingdom banks. With China Construction's move on Bear Stearns, have the tables turned?

 ...full story

April 18, 2006

via Globe and Mail

Other investment products eat into sales

 ...full story

April 18, 2006

via Reuters

As corporate and public pension funds follow high net worth individuals and endowments into hedge fund investments, these investment vehicles have become less risky, a Treasury Department official said on Tuesday.

 ...full story

April 12, 2006

via Reuters

Investors are beginning to believe the global economy is starting to operate beyond its long-term potential, sparking worries over inflation, according to a Merrill Lynch poll published on Tuesday.

 ...full story

April 12, 2006

via Forbes

Get your hankies ready: Hedge funds feel they're the newest victims.

 ...full story

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