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Government Agency Tech. Exchange (G.A.T.E.)
May 20, 2018  
Government Agency Tech. Exchange (G.A.T.E.)
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About the G.A.T.E. Hive:

“Our success depends on agencies working as a team across traditional boundaries to better serve the American people, focusing on citizens rather than individual agency needs. I thank agencies who have actively engaged in crossagency teamwork, using e-government to create more cost-effective and efficient ways to serve citizens, and I urge others to follow their lead.“ - President George W. Bush

The 21st Century government works in a digital environment and requires ongoing collaboration between federal, state, county and local agencies (not to mention the public) to stay on the cutting edge. The United States’ new e-government initiative enables partnerships between all levels of government. This is a positive initial step. But partnerships should extend beyond the reach of internal programs, where bureaucracy doesn’t hinder learning and knowledge sharing.

Government executives need to network with their peers in order to remain current with the latest technologies and to see how other agencies are solving problems. Honeycomb Connect’s executive-to-executive (e2e) networking solution has enabled that communication to be constant and without boundaries.

Technologies are being introduced and enhanced at a faster rate than at any time in history. Government executives need to stay informed and educated about the latest technological developments. In turn, they need to share their experiences with like-minded officers in other levels, agencies and districts of the government. Sharing best practices is the most efficient form of problem solving that exists.

Trial and error is not a cost or time efficient way to learn what works and what doesn’t. There will always be pioneers, but for any problem that arises, chances are there is a federal, state, county or city CIO who has already faced it and is currently finding a solution. Put 12 government CIOs in a room with a problem for an hour; even if no one has faced that exact crisis before, all 12 of them will be in the right direction by the end of those 60 minutes.

Honeycomb Connect G.A.T.E. Members are matched into focus cells of around 12 like-minded technology executives—based on their responses to an extensive profiling survey. Members will be introduced to their cell by receiving biographies for each executive in their cell. They will then participate in eight e2e web meetings throughout the year on issues and topics requested in their profiling, culminating in a face-to-face conference where members will meet, share and learn with their fellow cell members and G.A.T.E. members from other cells.

Federal, state, county and local governments might not share identical technology issues or concerns. But some goals extend beyond territorial boundaries. The need to increase IT security, control budgets, enhance communications between government agencies, promote e-government, and generally make constituents’ lives easier is common across all levels of government.

The government is there for the people; it’s the first line of defense and acts as both a gate, by protecting its citizens, and a gateway, by providing them with the information they need. But the gatekeepers need the knowledge and ease of access to information first, in order to better complete their duties. Government executives in technology need to champion that knowledge sharing for their team.

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