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May 20, 2018  
Government Agency Tech. Exchange (G.A.T.E.)
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July 12, 2006

Requirement to Secure Federal Networks Against Cyber Terrorism Drives Spending  ...full story

July 10, 2006

Symbol XR400 Fixed Readers to Support Department of Defense RFID Initiative  ...full story

February 20, 2006

New index of state, county and municipal governments identifies lead investor, early investor and early majority purchasers since 2000.  ...full story
Executive Profile:

Audrey Y. Davis
Director, Information and Technology and CIO – Defense Finance and Accounting Service
...full story

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September 21, 2006

via Network Computing

Vendors are aggressively pushing consolidated voice, IM, videoconferencing and e-mail, which can accelerate business communications and enhance productivity. But putting all your communications apps in one basket means a single point of failure. We assess the risks.  ...full story

September 18, 2006

via Vnunet.com

Gartner analyst paints gloomy picture.  ...full story

August 30, 2006

via TechWeb.com

Once a fierce opponent of municipal Wi-Fi networks, AT&T announced Tuesday that it would deploy a 25-square-mile Wi-Fi system in downtown Springfield, Ill.  ...full story

August 18, 2006

via HeraldToday.com

Last week, airline passengers who had to rid their carry-ons of all liquids and gels asked, "What next?"  ...full story

August 18, 2006

via KansasCity.com

Air filters can help against anthrax, but synthetically created germs worry experts.  ...full story

August 18, 2006

via Washington Post

$170 Million Bought an Unusable Computer System.  ...full story

August 18, 2006

via NorthJersey.com

Hay and beans have fueled this rural economy for years. But it's fiber of another kind that city leaders believe is key to Powell's future.  ...full story

August 17, 2006

via ITWorld.com

A new group within the Liberty Alliance will address government concerns with federated identity projects, the organization said Wednesday.  ...full story

August 17, 2006

via FCW.com

Government Web sites need consistency, according to an annual report on state and federal e-government portals.  ...full story

August 17, 2006

via Government Technology

Texas and New Jersey are the best states for e-government in the United States, according to the seventh annual e-government analysis conducted by researchers at Brown University. The federal portal FirstGov.gov and the Department of Agriculture are the most highly rated federal sites.  ...full story

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