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March 19, 2006  
Government Agency Tech. Exchange (G.A.T.E.)
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February 20, 2006

New index of state, county and municipal governments identifies lead investor, early investor and early majority purchasers since 2000.  ...full story

February 9, 2006

Law enforcement agencies will receive computer forensics work stations and training to improve effectiveness in using counter drug technology.  ...full story

January 31, 2006

Nearly two thirds of those responding to the survey rated police, fire and emergency response as the outdoor wireless applications likely to deliver the greatest public value. Only about a third considered that wireless public Internet access was likely to deliver significant community value.  ...full story
Executive Profile:

Audrey Y. Davis
Director, Information and Technology and CIO – Defense Finance and Accounting Service
...full story

Recommended reading from the newsstand:

March 7, 2006

via Washington Post

Federal government agencies have improved their overall computer and network security over the past year, but many agencies are still not doing enough to secure their systems against viruses and other cyber attacks, according to an annual report released by The White House last week.

 ...full story

March 7, 2006

via Washington Post

The government's smart-card project appears at risk of falling behind schedule.  ...full story

March 3, 2006

via Government Computer News

Although there are security concerns, federal agencies should embrace voice over IP technology because it will revolutionize how the government communicates, as well as reduce costs, according to several government and industry analysts.
 ...full story

March 3, 2006

via Federal Computer Week

Congressional auditors expressed concern in a report released today that agencies will fail to meet an Oct. 27 deadline for issuing interoperable smart card identity credentials to federal employees and contractors.  ...full story

March 2, 2006

via Government Technology

Mayor John F. Street announces that four agreements have been signed allowing EarthLink and Wireless Philadelphia to bring wireless Internet service to every city neighborhood. When fully implemented, the initiative will turn Philadelphia into the nation's largest WiFi hotspot and help to improve education, bridge the digital divide, enhance neighborhood development, and reduce the costs of government.
 ...full story

March 1, 2006

via Government Technology

For decades, electric utilities have used outage management systems (OMS) to help them manage information about power failures and restore service. As with the software behind other enterprise IT systems, the OMS has evolved to keep pace with the times.  ...full story

February 27, 2006

via Computerworld

Universal access for the Internet is hot, with countries as diverse as Italy and Rwanda jumping on the broadband bandwagon. Here at home, the Bush administration has called for affordable high-speed Internet to be available in every corner of the U.S. by 2007.  ...full story

February 27, 2006

via Washington Technology

Moving into the mainstream, VOIP transforms telecom.  ...full story

February 22, 2006

via BusinessWeek

Google Inc. is joining EarthLink Inc. in a bid to build a wireless network in San Francisco that would offer basic Internet access for free and charge about $20 per month to surf the Web at higher speeds.  ...full story

February 20, 2006

via LA Times

The new technology, required by law, hikes costs and raises risks of identity theft, some say.  ...full story

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