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March 17, 2018  
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Dansico Removes Allergens from Products
March 2, 2006
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Copenhagen, Denmark -- Food allergy sufferers are dependent on accurate labeling of processed foods if they are to avoid specific allergens in their diets. Now international labeling laws have been introduced to make their lives easier and safer.

Danisco has responded to this new legislation by taking steps to help manufacturers avoid allergens in their products altogether.

Within food protection, the company has determined to eliminate all food allergens and ingredients that may contain allergens from its range of antimicrobials and protective cultures.

The development of entirely non-dairy Nisaplin® Natural Antimicrobial has been achieved by replacing traditional foaming and scooping processes with modern, safer and more consistent micro-filtration and ultra-filtration technology at the Nisaplin® production plant.

In addition to enabling the full replacement of milk with sugar and non-allergenic protein sources, the new extraction process has optimized the plant’s fermentation and extraction capacity and made it generally more environmentally friendly.

To develop a complete range of allergen-free starter cultures for meat fermentation and protection purposes, Danisco established a development project targeting the TEXEL® Meat Culture and HOLDBAC™ Protective Culture ranges.

“Our allergen-free TEXEL® Meat Maturation Culture and HOLDBAC™ Meat Protective Culture products are staggered for full implementation by this spring - but currently we have more than 11 strains and 39 products that are fully allergen free.

Other benefits of our newly developed processes are higher yield in terms of cell density and improved nitrate reductase activities,” says Business Director Stéphane Constant.

As every manufacturer knows, product recalls due to incorrect labeling are an expensive burden. Danisco is lightening the load.

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