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Banking Information Technology (B.I.T.)
March 19, 2006  
Banking Information Technology (B.I.T.)
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The FFIEC has issued guidance, “Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment,” for banks offering Internet-based financial services. The guidance describes enhanced authentication methods that regulators expect banks to use when authenticating the identity of customers using their on-line products and services. Examiners will review this area to determine a financial institution’s progress in complying with this guidance during upcoming examinations. Financial Institutions will be expected to achieve compliance with the guidance no later than year-end 2006.

Technology Headlines:

January 3, 2006

The deployment is part of an overhaul of the bank’s lending IT infrastructure.  ...full story

December 16, 2005

Mediatrix secure VoIP access devices and gateways meet the changing needs of the banking and financial sector     ...full story

September 29, 2005

Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc. announced that the company has entered into a definitive agreement to sell substantially all of the operating assets of its Engineered Products Division to Hushang Ansary, a prominent Houston oil industry entrepreneur and philanthropist, for cash consideration of approximately $60 million subject to adjustment based on assets delivered at closing.  ...full story

September 19, 2005

Under terms of the agreement, Riverside Bank will utilize Digital Insight Professional Services to configure and deploy its consumer Internet Banking solution.  ...full story

August 3, 2005

According to industry analysts, the acquisition brings together the leaders in revenue and customer count.  ...full story

 ...full story

October 12, 2005

This study, published on October 12, 2005, describes the FFIEC's guidance for banks offering Internet-based financial services, methods that regulators expect banks to use no later than year-end 2006.  ...full story

April 1, 2005

The FFIEC agencies are jointly issuing the attached interpretive guidance for financial institutions to develop and implement a response program designed to address incidents of unauthorized access to sensitive customer information maintained by the financial institution or its service provider.

via Computer Business Review

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