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May 25, 2005  
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Profit - Hot 50Honeycomb Connect is part of Honeycomb Worldwide Inc., recognised by Profit Magazine as one of Canada's Hot 50 emerging companies in 2006.
Banking Information Technology (B.I.T.)
7-Eleven to accept Visa Contactless payments
BioPay adds age verification to payment features
Branding, Advertising and Marketing (B.A.M.)
US Online Advertising And Marketing Forecast - Market To Reach $26 Billion By 2010
Marketers Must Change How They Appeal to Consumers, If They Want To Capitalize on New Media
Corporate Finance (CF50)
Allstate Workplace Division launches worksite app for agents
Bank Hapoalim's U.S. branches license an ACBS Solution
Corporate H.R. Officers (C.H.R.O.M.E.)
Aon reorganizes HRO Group
Duke Energy to outsource some HR
Corporate Information Technology (CIT50)
AAA extends AT&T contract
Cingular Wireless to improve emergency communications
Food & Beverage (F.E.A.S.T.)
A variety of food preservation processes are under development to help control food borne pathogens
Coca-Cola North America announces Fresca makeover
Franchise Development (F.D.)
Big Boy franchisee sells back to franchisor
Choice Hotels and the National Park Foundation align to promote tourism/volunteerism
Government Agency Tech. Exchange (G.A.T.E.)
Ed Coyle, of the DoD Logistics AIT Office, to discuss the new RFID policy in free webinar
First Advantage Corp acquires Data Recovery Services, Inc.
Legal Associates Worldwide (L.A.W.)
New corporate members of JT Open Initiative announced
Next-generation manufacturing technology initiative launched
People In Life Sciences (P.I.L.S.)
Supply Chain Advanced Network (S.C.A.N.)
Employing quality initiatives can save an average of $5 million in a supply chain
New ERP study finds small companies are investing in IT infrastructure
TPRA Archive
Worldwide Investment Network (W.I.N.)
Transamerica Investment Management to cquire Westcap Investors
AFSCME Pension Plan calls for reforms at AIG
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